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  • Standard: CD/Tape/MP3: $24.99
  • Custom:

you get a 100% money back guarantee with out self improvement subliminal tapes guarantee

1 Year 100% Money Back Guarantee
(does not apply to MP3 and Custom)



subliminal tapes and CD's Demo

Experience The Difference of Professionally Produced Self Improvement subliminal tapes

There are three unique sounds available to suit any musical taste. Choose the soundtrack you like most, then browse our catalog and choose your subliminal tapes. These sounds will be the background sound you hear when listening to your tapes, which are recorded over the embedded subliminal messages. It doesn’t matter which sound you choose—what matters are the embedded self improvement messages.

Remember, if you can’t find a tape that matches your unique goals and self-improvement requirements, we’ll custom-create them just for you.

use realaudio for the subliminal tapes self improvement demo

Our demos are in RealAudio. If you don’t have RealAudio, you can download it here:

Look for the little link at the upper right corner of the page that says:

Click that, and follow through to the download instructions.

IF you need any help, please let us know. We’ll be glad to walk you through it.


How to Listen to the Demo

You must use stereo headphones (required) to listen to the sound. Simply plug them in, sit back and relax, close your eyes, and enjoy.

The demo lasts about 10 minutes. After 30 or 40 seconds, you may hear a strange “bzzzz.” Don’t worry. It’s one of the key elements in our self improvement induction technology.

Also, please note that our demo sounds DO NOT have subliminal self improvement messages embedded, just our special induction technology and along with the background sound. We just want you to be able to sample the sounds, so you can choose the one you’d most like to listen to during your sessions.

Ready? Choose your sample now:


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