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How can self improvement subliminal tapes affect me if I don't even notice them?

Just because your conscious mind doesn’t notice doesn’t mean your subconscious isn’t paying attention. Did you realize that your subconscious can process at least a hundred million bits of information EACH SECOND? Scientists like Carl Sagan, and others the world over agree: your subconscious is the most powerful computer ever known to man. It stores everything that happens…everything you see…everything you experience. And the more things recur, the more they become a part of you.

For the first time ever, you can affect what goes into your subconscious…what becomes a part of you with self improvement subliminal tapes. You choose the self improvement subliminal tapes you want: what to store, and what not to store, and remove negative messages and traumas from deep within. Subliminal tapes contain embedded affirmations that are under the threshold of consciousness, yet your subconscious hears, and stores them.

Subliminal Tapes Self Improvement Testimonial:

"I got tired of hearing everyone complaining about my dry sense of humor and ordered your humor tape. Now I can laugh with the rest of them and don’t feel like such an outsider. Thanks."

Craig Neesbaum, Cinnaminson, New Jersey (Self Improvement Subliminal Tapes Customer)