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subliminal tapes Self Improvement: weight loss: weight control

Tired of fighting the up and down battle with your scale? Lose 10 pounds, gain 15. Lose 20, gain it back. Stop fighting and control your weight once and for all! Losing weight takes discipline, which you already know you have. But keeping the weight off, that requires a complete reprogramming of your attitude and mind. Our Weight Control subliminal tapes redirects your inner thoughts by repetitious messages designed to let you maintain healthy weight control. End the battle of the bulge and scale and enjoy a healthier mind, body and soul, do not wait another day!

Subliminal Tapes Self Improvement Testimonial:

"I aced my second history test! I could never remember all those stupid dates—until now! Thanks!"

Carole Dallas, Portland, OR (Self Improvement Subliminal Tapes Customer)