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Genius Kit

Towards Genius

Limited Time Offer
Commemorative Edition
Only 1,000 copies made
Now, for the first time in 5-years, our extraordinary mind-expanding tape set is back! It’s just for a limited time, and in a limited edition, and is now available on CD!

Towards Genius, a work of genius itself, will help you expand your mind, and increase your intelligence, like never before.

  • You’ll think faster

  • Recall your dreams

  • Enhance your senses

  • Improve your focus and concentration, by up to 327%

  • Handle multiple tasks simultaneously—with ease

  • Retain more of what you read, see and hear

  • Boost cognitive awareness immensely

  • Increase self-confidence and self esteem

How does it work?

Towards Genius does not use subliminal technology, and has no embedded messages. Instead, our set of 10 special CDs has progressive binaural beats mixed with chaos technology—proven to increase your intelligence.

These sound patterns stimulate specific areas of your brain, causing neurons to fire and increase synaptic response. The result? Exciting improvements in all areas of your mind!

Start on day one with our first CD. Sit back, and listen for 20 minutes, twice a day. On day two, listen to the second CD. And so on.

Originally introduced more than 5 years ago, Towards Genius sold out quickly for $2,500 per set!

Don’t miss this special limited commemorative edition—on CD only—for just $495!

Includes a special series of 10 CDs guaranteed to enhance your intelligence.

If you want to hone your mental prowess and find out just how much your brain can do, order your commemorative edition of Towards Genius today!

Only 100 copies available, so act now!