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Subliminal in The News

Check here to find links to important research findings and news stories that help fill in the gaps in your knowledge about subliminal tapes self improvement.

  • Russia To Monitor All TV Channels for Subliminal Messages

    According to Russian Deputy Press Minister Valery Sirozhenko, all Russian TV will be monitored for subliminal messages by the end of 2002. The AP report says, “…that special monitoring equipment would monitor channels inserting extra frames, amid growing reports of their use on Russian airwaves.”

  • Positive Thinking Makes Seniors Stronger Walkers

    According to CNN, “The researchers also found that volunteers exposed to positive words not only walked more quickly but showed an improved “swing time”—the time a foot spends in the air for each step. The total improvement was similar to that seen after 12 weeks of strength training, the researchers said.”

  • Subliminal Sights Educate Brain

    “Subliminal training can improve our ability to see moving dots, Takeo Watanabe and his co-workers at Boston University, Massachusetts have found. ‘Without noticing, we are unconsciously learning,’ Watanabe says. Repeated exposure to objects we are oblivious to ‘could have a tremendous effect on our brains’ he says,” reports Nature.

  • Attention-Free Learning

    Self improvement subliminal tapes also improve learning abilities, learn how.

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