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Articles about subliminal Tapes self improvement

Positive Thinking Makes Seniors Stronger Walkers

CNN, Boston
November 2, 1999

Jeffrey Hausdorff, a researcher at Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center was surprised to find that seniors respond well to subliminal tapes messages.

CNN reports, “In a controlled study of how older people walk, gerontologists found that a single, quick, self improvement subliminal tapes exposure to positive terms about aging—words such as “wise” and “experienced”—significantly improved the subjects’ speed and coordination.”

The study involved computer games, where subliminal words were flashed very quickly—too quickly to be seen with the naked eye. One study group was shown positive words like “sage” and “experienced,” while the other group was flashed negative words like “senile” and “forgetful.”

Afterwards, the seniors’ walking speeds were measured, and those treated to positive subliminal tapes messages showed an improvement of 10%.

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